References 1983-2023

Family Code (93 pages) SLO>HU

The secrets of the numbers and forms 9 (Textbook of Mathematics) (230 pages) SLO>HU

Directions for Use of Light Therapy Products (38 pages) SLO>HU

Croatian Business Papers (5.000 words) HR>HU

Tender Documentation in Slovenia (building-trade) (35 pages) SLO>HU

Press monitoring in Croatia (50 pages) HR>HU

Tender Documentation (Digital Video Broadcasting) (53 pages) BiH>HU

Business papers, balance-sheets (6500 words) HU>MK

Decisions of Tax Administration in Slovenia (35 pages) SLO>HU

Tender Documentation of telecommunication company (Digital Video Broadcasting)

 (30 pages) HU>MK

Copy of the register (9 pages) HU>MK

Copy of the register (60 pages) HU>SLO, SLO>HU

Court’s decisions (80 pages) HR>HU

Prospect of Sombor (Serbia) for investors (27 pages) SR>HU

Court’s decisions (150 pages) HU>SLO, SLO-HU

Decree on Social Security Taxes in Croatia (part) (20 pages) HR>HU

Court’s decisions (40 pages) HU>SR

Project proposal of a mine clearing in Croatia (63 pages) HR>HU

The secrets of the numbers and forms 7 (Textbook of Mathematics) (200 pages) SLO>HU

Pension and Disability Insurance Act (30 pages) SR>HU

By-law of the technical norms of the defend of the low voltage systems and transformer                                               stations  (25 pages) SR>HU

Product catalogue of KRONEN machines (15 pages) HU>SLO

Tender Documentation of Slovenian bus company (61 pages) SLO>HU

Tender Documentation of Slovenian Railway company (40 pages) SLO>HU

Slovenian Tourist Brochures (37 pages) SLO-HU

Documentation of Cancer Prevention Program SVIT in Slovenia (43 pages) SLO>HU

Minerals and Mining Decree in Croatia (68 pages) HR>HU

Product catalogue of veterinary instruments (8 pages) HU>SLO

Business Analysis about the position of the alumina factory in Slovenia (17 pages) SLO>HU

           Licences for release of medicaments (21 pages) HU>SLO

Decree on tolls (38 pages) SLO>HU

Tender Documentation of telecommunication company Telekom Slovenije (50 pages)                                                           SLO>HU

Documentation of establishment of a subsidiary insurance company in Slovenia,

Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account  (15 pages) HU>SLO

Business correspondence (11 pages) MC>HU

Subtitles for theatre performances of SNT Drama Ljubljana (Alamut, Edward II)

(70 pages) SLO-HU

Subtitles for YU, BiH, MK films (Šejtanov ratnik, Nebo nad krajolikom, Tajnata kniga)

 (90 pages) SR-HU, MC-HU, BiH-HU

Newsletter of  Titus+Lama+Huwil concern (furniture fittings) (25 pages) SLO>HU

Medical translation (SPC, PIL) of medicines by Krka (18 pages) SLO>HU

Building permit for industrial oil and gas company MOL-INA (15 pages) HR>HU

Business correspondence (15 pages) MC>HU

Directions for Use of universal mulcher (20 pages) SLO>HU

Product catalogue of KRUPS Kitchen machines (15 pages) HU>SLO

Blacksmithing manual for quality control and safety at work (Unior d.d.) (200 pages) SLO>HU

Slovenian Technical Approval for construction products, Control Plan, Control Report

(45 pages) SLO>HU

Prospectus of Normstahl garage doors (30 pages) SLO>HU

Prospectus of LiuGong wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators (25 pages) HU>SLO

Real estate opinion (9 pages) HR>HU

Unilever recipes 2006 (26 pages) HU>SLO

Slovenian Technical Approval for construction products (5 pages) HU>SLO

Directions for Use of pneumatic decoiler, straightener and feeder (55 pages) SLO>HU

Judgements of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest (70 pages) HU>SR, HU>HR

Web site of Hotel Kompas and Hotel Lovec Bled (22 pages) SLO>HU

Business correspondence and legal material (25 pages) SLO>HU

Home pages of Calcit d.o.o (calcium carbonate fillers, granulates and sands)

(20 pages) SLO>HU

Recipients with margarine Rama (37 pages) SLO>HU

Decree on biofuels and parts of Slovenian Law on revenue tax (40 pages) SLO>HU

Home pages of Kenson Optical Data Carrier Ltd. (24 pages) HU>SLO 

Directions for use of Landmann Grill  (15 pages) HU>SLO

Legal material of TKK Tovarna Kemičnih izdelkov

(45 pages) HU>SLO

Are you treated Equally regardless your Nationality or Faith?

(Brochure of ISCOMET – International Scientific Conference Minorities for Europe

(18 pages) SLO>HU

Safety sheets and user manuals for insecticides (UNICHEM d.o.o) (200 pages) HU>SLO

TKK polyurethane foams, sealants and adhesives, multipurpose grease, technical aerosols

(25 pages) SLO>HU

Press information of Exhibition Pomurski sejem (Slovenia) (30 pages) SLO>HU

Community TRADEMARKS (250 pages) HU>SLO

Tender documentations (40 pages) SLO>HU

Curricula of course „The method of sampling” by State Audit Office of Hungary

(150 pages) HU>MC

Directions for use of Hidria Perles tools (percussion drill, mixer, polisher, circular saw,                                                           oscillating sander, angle grinder, pneumatic rotary hammer) (70 pages) SLO>HU

Court’ decisions (50 pages) HU>SR, HU>SLO, HU>MC

Notary acknowledgements (50 pages) HU>SLO

TRIMO Roof Panels Prospectus (20 pages) SLO>HU

Tender documentation (40 pages) HU>MC

Correspondence with tax authority of Michelin Slovenia (10 pages) SLO>HU

Sale Contract (18 pages) SLO>HU

Arraignment of Public Prosecution in Debrecen (5 pages)  HU>SR

Balance Sheet (20 pages) HU>HR

Guarantee Agreement  (16 pages) HR>HU

Brochures of hair cosmetics Subrina (40 pages) SLO>HU

Bill on the Personal and Property Protection  (40 pages) SLO>HU

Tax residence certificates (640 pages) HU>SLO

Audit Report (20 pages) HR>HU

ISDN Manual (50 pages) SR>HU

Price System of Natural Gas in Serbia (24 pages) SR>HU

Political and Administrative Decentralization (World Learning program:                                                                             Training for Macedonian Mayoresses) (14 pages) HU>MC

Decree on Enlarge the Size of Blind of Gaming Machines (28 pages) SLO>HU

Bulletin 2000 of Tax and Financial Control Administration of Hungary

(World Learning program: Training for Croatian Tax Experts) (35 pages) HU>HR

Report of Hungarian Privatization And State Holding Company on privatisation in Hungary

(World Learning program: Training for Croatian Privatisation Experts) (18 pages) HU>HR

Translation of literature 1983-2009
2009, 2015    Drama of Biljana Srbljanović: Barbelo, on Dogs and Children
                     (Barbelo, o psima i deci), Theater Festival in Eger, MU Theatre, Budapest     

2008              Drama of Biljana Srbljanović: Mantis (Skakavci), 

                     Theater Katona József Budapest 

2001              Jože Vogrinc: Viewer (Slovenian media sociology) (Budapest, Pont Kiadó)

1998              Slovenian Studies of Religion (in: Replika, 31-32.)

1998              Correspondence of Four Yugoslav Writers in the Balkan War

                     (in: Replika, 30.)

1997              Svetlana Slapšak: Jugo-zombie (Serbian essay) (in: Beszélő, 1997/11)

1997              Svetlana Slapšak: Video-death (Serbian essay) (in: Filmvilág, 1997/9)

1997              Bogdan Bogdanović: The Town and the Death (Serbian essay)

                     (in: Átváltozások, 1997/9)

1997              Svetlana Slapšak: Parisian Cemeteries (Serbian essay)

                     (in: Café Bábel, 1997/2)

1996              Svetlana Slapšak: Pines (Serbian essays) (in: Ex Symposion, 1996/15-16)

1994              Ivo Andrić: Notes for Writers (Serbian essay) (Budapest,

                     in: C.E.T. 1994/5-6)

1994              Ivo Andrić: Extradition (Serbian short story) (Budapest,

                     in: C.E.T. 1994/7-8) 

1994              Kerényi Károly: Тhe Daughters of the Sun. Reflections about Heliоs аnd the

                     Greek Goddess (classical study, Аlef, Gradac, 1994)

1994              Hamvas Béla: Invisible Story (essаyѕ) (Belgrade,

      1991             Hamvas Béla: Heloïse and Abelard (essay) (Belgrade, Sveske, 1991)

      1984             A Selection of Contemporary Hungarian Literature

                           (Gradac 59, Čačak, 1984)

      1983             Örkény István: One Minute Short Stories (Belgrade, 1983)